Getting started

Download and Installation Instructions
We prefer only Google Play store (TM) as the best source to download application. To download our App please follow the instructions below:
  • Go to 'Google Play store (TM)' from your android device.
  • Search for CET Social from the search option.
  • Follow the play store instructions to complete the install.
While you try CET Social every week,
  • Please never use this app in any place that prohibit the use of mobile devices
  • The app is to help you assess your knowledge; the app may help you to assess your standing in the competition. This app is not a substitute to your books or class room lectures.

Study well, listen to your teachers, play CET Social 15 minutes a day or less!

Login into CET Social
After installation, please follow the steps below.
  • Launch the application
  • You will see the terms and conditions (T&C) screen after the splash screen. Please go through it carefully and tap accept button to continue using the app.
  • Once you accept T&C, you will be taken to home screen; tap on the option menu at the top right corner or on any category button.
  • Select login to signin through gmail or facebook and you are done!