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questionbang! is a quiz cloud, aiming to enhance learning through assessment. The questionbang! offers educational apps (for mobiles and tabs) and online mock tests (mock-set-plus) to assess learning.

We at questionbang! bring mini quizzes and mock exams on various topics. The objective is to encourage learning.

mock-set-plus. Get practice. Learn.

mock-set-plus. Get practice. Learn.

questionbang! mock-set-plus hosts mock tests on various topics (NEET, JEE, CET, Bank Exams), some of them may be live only during certain months (e.g., CET/MHCET during Jan-May). These mock tests are online and normally follow prescribed exam pattern. The mock exam papers do get flavoured with characteristic but random difficulty levels to simulate the unforeseen.

Apps for mobiles and tabs. Assess. Learn

questionbang! offers mutliplayer apps that host weekly contests through mini quizzes. The apps are unique in the way they offer new quizzes every week, throughout academic calendar.

LESS - Exams are important, but not as much as one thinks.

questionbang! apps are designed to be student companion to go along with books and class room lectures. questionbang!, however, do not encourage users to spend long hours solving mock quizzes. Weekly app sessions last not more than 90 minutes, while users get an in depth analysis of competitive performance.

PRECISE - Strategise your exam preparation

Scores do matter to achieve career milestones. Identifying key topics of strength and weakness may be vital while you study. questionbang! apps offer result analysis to help you assess your knowledge and monitor your progress.

CASUAL - Love studying, enjoy learning.

questionbang! apps are multiplayer games, weekly contests are on topics of your study. The quiz sessions are of 3-8 minutes duration, ideal pastime for students


Question bank

questionbang! sources questions/answers (MCQ's) from partenrs, mainly teachers and subject experts. The question bank has been ever growing while we strive for a quality content to our users.

We are always looking for partners to help us enrich the question bank. Please get in touch with us to explore opportunities.